Empowering Rural India
Building sustainable & renewable energy systems for schools in India
Our Mission.

Is to develop sustainable energy systems for schools in rural India to create a viable infrastructure that fosters learning and innovation.

Empowering Rural India is dedicated to creating clean energy solutions for schools in rural India. By developing economically viable systems of energy production, will allow more students to gain access to STEM fields along with opportunities to discover the humanities. Our goal is to improve academic success and create self-sustaining solutions to build up a strong infrastructure in developing regions.

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Funding and Outreach





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Here are the advantages and impacts of providing solar panels to schools

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To help disadvantaged students get the resources they need and succeed academically in an economically viable method

Outreach and Inquiry

The first step to solving a problem is identification. By talking to schools and faculty, we are able to get an idea of what issues are impeding academic success.

Finding a Solution

We meet with schools directly and based on financial assessment analyses, we then devlop customized sutainable solutions.


After finding an economically viable solution, a series of crowd sourcing campaigns will be run to raise sufficient funds to support the project. This can not be done without charitable individuals such as yourselves, no amount is too small!

Practical Steps

After sufficient funds are raised, practical matters such as finding reliable contractors and filing build plans will be addressed.


This is the part where we start construction of the actual solar panels and integrate clean,renewable energy systems into the school. This process is carefully planned to have the least amount of downtime for the school and attempts retain operational integrity during installation.


Enjoy the benefits of renewable and economically viable energy solutions for schools in need! This helps everyone involved by laying a strong foundation for future developments and increasing academic exposure with a clean solution.
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My name is Krithik Ramesh. I am a 16 year old that absolutely loves engineering, computer science and aviation. My goal for the past couple of years is to find a way to make a positive impact on the community in Colorado and around the world.
Krithik Ramesh
Founder of Empowering Rural India

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